Windows Gadget: WordPress Statistics Updated

WordPress recently updated the statistical charts and I got a request from a user to update the WordPress Stats Windows Gadget to reflect the changes as well. I have released a new version of the Windows Gadget here which includes the following changes.

Column Chart

The option of selecting either a line or a column graph as pictured above.

Updated Tooltip

The tooltip that appears when hovering over a data point is much more aesthetically pleasing and allows you to include the published posts when viewing the statistics grouped by day.


4 Responses to “Windows Gadget: WordPress Statistics Updated”

  1. Vicky Says:

    Cool man now I can call it sexy stats 😉

    • Nick Olsen Says:


      • Vicky Says:

        Dude got a small problem 😦 bar graph are updating fine but not the views count in the tool tip.

  2. Nick Olsen Says:

    I just caught this about an hour ago. I apologize for that. Please check the downloads page again for an updated release. For issues like this please post them to the Issue Tracker on CodePlex instead of here. Thanks.

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