Crystal Reports: Displaying a Check Mark for a Boolean Value

Crystal Reports gives you a few options of how to display a boolean value including Yes and No, Y and N, True and False, and 0 and 1. But, frequently I want to show a check mark for true values and the empty string for false values. This isn’t a difficult task, I just never remember the correct character codes.

To do this, either create a new formula field or enter the following formula in the Display String formula of the field and set the font property to Windings.

if {Table.Field} then

The above is illustrated in the Void column in the image below. When the check has been voided, a check mark appears in the Void column.

If you want to display a check box with a check mark for true and empty for false, use the following code.

if {Table.Field} then 


7 Responses to “Crystal Reports: Displaying a Check Mark for a Boolean Value”

  1. driver6 Says:

    I liked it.
    Thank you for your great Posting.

  2. Mayank Says:

    This code is very useful but its not working in mozila browser.

    • Nick Olsen Says:

      Can you be a bit more specific on what isn’t working?

  3. Jamester Says:

    Very helpful. Thanks

  4. sudhir Says:

    Thanks Nick Olsen

  5. Debbie Bussin Says:

    Thank you – perfect

    • Arup Ratan Says:

      Thanks Nick Olsen….. It works nice……..

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